What is MYM.fans and How Does MYM.fans Work for Models

MYM.fans  is a premium social media website that models can use to create a recurring revenue stream. Your feed features both public content and subscription locked content behind a paywall. In order for a fan to continue viewing your locked content, they pay a monthly fee that you can set giving you income every single month. Followers are also able to request custom content that the model can accept or refuse to create. MYM stands for Meet Your Model. Getting started on MYM.fans To get started on MYM.fans, you need to be at least 18 years old. Like any adult platform, you’ll need a valid ID in order to verify your age. MYM.fans allows all genders to register and start making money. While not a requirement, it’s good to have a large following on your social media in order to promote your MYM.fans account and start making money as soon as possible. Does MYM.fans cost money The best part about MYM.fans is that it is completely free to sign up for both models and viewers. As a fan, many models have free content that you’re able to view no matter what. They do have premium content that you must pay to view. For models, it’s free to sign up and they take a small percentage of whatever you earn in order to help with website & staff costs. We’ll go into this in more detail later in the article. How does MYM.fans work Public figures or models are able to upload content like videos and pictures they wouldn’t share on other social networks. Content is blurred on your feed until members subscribe to your feed. Once they subscribe, that content is accessible. Models are able to set their subscription costs at the monthly or annual rate. Models are also able to create custom content upon request from their fans, setting the price in the process. They can also send “push” media to subscribers and the fans have the option to pay to unlock that individual media. How much money do MYM.fans models make MYM.fans are able to keep up to  90%  of their earnings. Depending on the way the revenue is earned a different fee is applied. Earn  75%  on subscriptions,  80%  on private media, and  90%  on tips. These fees are standard on subscription sites as they contribute to the hosting and support required to operate the website. There is also a  7%  bank transaction fee that is applied before the payout percentage. Don’t worry, if this is confusing we’ll provide an example below. Say you have 10 subscribers paying you $10 a month for  $100  total a month The bank charges are $100 x 7% =  $7 Your earnings calculation are ($100 – $7) x 75% =  $69.75 As a rough estimate, 1-5% of your social media followers will subscribe to your MYM.fans account. The more followers you have and are able to convert to subscribers the more money you’ll make. As a model or influencer, try to continually build your social media presence, followers, and subscribers to continually increase your income every month. Subscription Calculator Use our handy calculator to figure out how much you can make with a premium social media account. Insert the number of followers you have and how much you want to charge per month. Note these are rough estimates and your potential could be less or much, much more. How many social media followers do you have?* How much do you want to charge per month?* You have the potential to make and up to How do you get paid on MYM.fans MYM.fans offers many payment options for their models. There are three requirements in order to get paid: Have a certified account Have added a payment method to your account Have earned at least $50 of validated earnings In order to become a certified account, there are a few requirements: Have at least one person subscribed to you Have posted at least 5 images or videos on your feed Verified your contact information with MYM.fans Confirmed your mobile phone number via text message Added your bank account or PayPal account to your profile Uploaded a copy of your passport of ID Uploaded a selfie verifying who you are All these requirements are standard in the industry and verify you are who you are. Many of the requirements are fulfilled by doing other steps of the certification process. A great thing about MYM.fans is once you’re a certified account you able to set how frequently you’re paid out. As long as you reach the earnings threshold of $50, you can get paid Twice a week Once a week Twice a month Once a month Getting paid twice a week is great if you have a lot of subscribers or are getting tipped a lot. In order to protect you and MYM.fans from fraudulent charges, there is a system in place with  pending  and  validated  earnings. Pending earnings are held for a period of time depending on the service rendered. Validated are those that have passed the holding period and are yours to keep. For subscriptions, the pending period is 15 days on monthly subscriptions and 60 days for yearly subscriptions. Earnings from tips and private/push media are held for 7 days. SIGN UP ON MYM.FANS NOW Services you can offer on MYM.fans There are many ways you can make money on MYM.fans to create a lucrative recurring revenue every single month. Public media feed Public content is content that is available to every viewer of your profile. These are pieces of content that you put out to draw people in to subscribe to your profile. Public content doesn’t directly earn any money, but still serves a purpose. Public content cannot contain any nudity. Private media feed Your private media feed is only accessible to subscribers that pay you. Here is where you can post your risque photos and videos and any other content you want. Note that a team of moderators manually validates all of the content that shows up on your feeds. Generally, media is approved or disapproved within 24 hours. Even public media is blurred during this moderation process. Custom media Once a fan becomes a subscriber, they can request custom media from you. You can set the price if you wish to fulfill their request or refuse to fulfill it. Once a subscriber accepts the fee agreement and pays, you have 72 hours to fulfill the request. Push media Push media is very lucrative for you as a model. You’re able to send a piece of media to all subscribers and former subscribers for a piece of content you created. Once received, the subscriber can choose to pay for the content or not. This is a fantastic way to receive more income from your biggest fans! READY TO GET STARTED ON MYM.FANS? More MYM.fans features and benefits In addition to everything mentioned before, MYM.fans has additional features and benefits to help you out as a model. Model protection MYM.fans takes many measures in order to protect the content you create so you can keep your income up. For instance, right-click is disabled on your media feed and users are unable to drag and drop so it’s harder to save and share your content. There is a team that continually improves model protection. They have a zero-tolerance policy on users who distribute your content and are quick to ban any users who abuse their system. Like all digital media, there is no method to completely protect all your content. For instance, a user could take a screenshot of their computer or phone. With that, the MYM.fans legal team quickly removes content found on other platforms. Model promotion The MYM.fans network reaches over  three million  followers with every post. Unless you choose to opt-out, your public media content could be selected to be shared with that network in order to boost your subscribers. Additionally, you could be selected to show up on the homepage feed of a member that does not subscribe to you. In order to be shared on the social networks and the homepage feed, your content needs to meet the following editorial policy: HD quality or better A full-length photograph Content that meets the editorial team’s standard Content that is non-suggestive Your face needs to be visible There is no text or emojis on the content Again, just by meeting these guidelines, you still need to be selected by the moderator/editorial team. The morning you’re selected to show up on the social media platforms, you’ll receive an email so you can further capitalize on that exposure. SuperStar program The SuperStar program is a way to earn more by becoming one of the best models on the platform. There are a few requirements to being a part of the SuperStar program listed here: Your account needs to be certified You need to be active on the platform You need at least 50 active subscribers during the previous month Post at least 2 pieces of media to your feed every week Have at least a 90% response rate to private media requests within 48 hours So as long as you’re active on MYM.fans and have a strong following, you should get accepted into the SuperStar program. Why would you want to be in the SuperStar program? There are many benefits, including  making more money . An additional 1% commission from your subscribers and private media The SuperStar badge   on your profile to let everyone know you’re awesome Increased visibility in the search, as members can filter by SuperStars The SuperStar status is assigned on the first of every month and lasts for the entire duration of the next month. Sponsorship program MYM.fans offers a great sponsorship program for you to recruit new models to the platform. By sharing your special link, you can introduce models to MYM.fans. For anyone that signs up with your link, you make  10%  of whatever revenue they make. After a model signs up you can help them gain more subscribers, but it’s not required. This is a great way to further increase your earnings with MYM.fans. Ready to sign up for MYM.fans? Click here to sign up and start making money right now!