What is AVN Stars and How Does AVN Stars Work for Models

Recently, subscription websites have become hugely successful. People can do almost anything to earn money, and even take personalized requests in their pages. Most of the time, these websites are adult content-friendly, which is why they are the home of thousands of models. Many stick with sites like OnlyFans because they’re popular, and it’s easier to grow your brand. However, there are more options out there, such as LoyalFans and AVN Stars. Choosing the right site for modeling does not have to be complicated. We are here to help you choose between all these websites by giving you multiple reviews. This time, we’re going to introduce you to AVN Stars. Read on to find out all the features available here, as well as the primary reasons why you should choose it over other websites. What is AVN Stars? AVN Stats is an adult network and Fanclub platform by the most famous magazine in the adult entertainment niche, Adult Video News. Although AVN Starts is primarily a fan club platform, it’s also possible to make money by camming, tips, stories, and paid messaging. Thanks to this, all models can be different types of exclusive content. Besides what’s been mentioned, AVN Stars also works as an excellent social media platform. Particular elements from mainstream social media sites can be found here, like status updates, stories, and more. Since AVN owns the website, models in the platform can compete for nominations, receive votes, and be awarded for their effort and popularity. Main facts about AVN Stars Services available include  Fan club subscriptions, live streams, selling content (pictures and clips), and paid to message. Everyone over the age of 18  can register on the platform, regardless of their identity or sexual orientation. It is one of the highest paying adult networks.  The revenue share percentage of models get 80% . If all of this sounds great for you, read on to find out better features about AVN stars. How to get started in AVN Stars The registration process is fast and straightforward, so you can start enjoying all the features AVN Stars offers in little time. AVN Stars is a website with a high earning potential where models can earn money using different ways. On this website, you can earn money with premium fan club subscriptions, paid messaging, selling media, and mode. This is an innovative way to earn money that many people are now taking into account, especially during times when technology makes everything so much easier. In AVN Stars, all genders and sexual orientations are accepted. Anyone over the age of 18 can start being a model as soon as they complete the registration process. You must follow these steps to create an AVN Stars account : Step 1 : Go to the AVN Stars’ main page. There, you will see a “sign up” message. If you click there, you will be redirected to the platform’s registration page. Step 2 : It is highly recommended to link your Twitter account to complete the registration process. The custom nickname feature is giving problems as of now, and you will have a way of logging in quickly afterward. Please note that even if it’s possible to use AVN Stars as a regular social media site, you must provide identity and tax information in order to start charging. After your information has been processed and verified, you will be allowed to use the website entirely. Click here to sign up for AVN Stars now! How to create your own AVN Stars Fan Club Fan clubs are the main feature of AVN Stars. In this section, you will find all the necessary information so you can start your AVN Stars Fan Club as soon as possible. On this social platform, people have the opportunity of creating their own fan club for private entertainment, which will be the main way of getting in touch with your fans. When you upload content to your page, you can decide whether it will be public or private through a paywall. AVN Stars allows models to decide the rate for their subscriptions. However, keep in mind the prices range between $2 and $50. Most people recommend keeping the prices between $10 and $20, it’s not expensive but also not cheap, and it’s accessible for most people. It can also make you earn a good sum by the end of the month of your customers like your content. So customers can keep having access to your content, they must renew the monthly subscription when necessary. Services models can provide in AVN Stars Fan clubs are the main feature of AVN Stars. However, there are more ways to earn money on this website, as we’ve mentioned above.  In this section, you can find all the different services you can provide as a model in AVN Stars. Sell Clips and Pics As with almost every adult network, it is possible for models to sell clips and pictures as individual pieces. The model can set the rates for each media they put for sale on the website. Uploading a video or photo forget network is easy. You only need to drag and drop the file you want to put for sale and will be automatically uploaded. Once the process has been finished, you set the price, and it will be ready for sale. Also, please note there’s a watermark feature available, and it will be set up automatically. You can keep it on or turn it off on the settings page. “Fund Me” Feature The “Fund Me” feature works exactly like the tip system from other websites. Any person can send tips to a model or a producer, depending on the amount they choose. Go Live or Camming Live streams are another way to earn money with AVN Stars. The “Go Life” feature allows you to perform live webcam shows publicly (everyone can see you, regardless if they’re subscribed to your page or not) or privately (for your subscribers only). People watching your live stream can type comments, leave a like, or send you tips. Social media features AVN Stars’ platform behaves like mainstream social media sites. Members can see your updates send you messages, and more, just like you would on websites like Instagram or Twitter. It’s valid to use AVN Stars as a social media site if you don’t want to engage in fan club subscriptions. Also, there are many promotional tools available on this website you can use to make your brand grow quickly. The social media features also make you able to tempt users into subscribing to your profile. The social media platform can be used for multiple purposes, including self-promotion! Click here to sign up for AVN Stars now! AVN Stars Payment Information As we said above, AVN Stars gives its models 80% of the revenue they produce on the website. This is one of the highest percentages you can find around the internet for adult networks, especially for subscription websites. We would be lying if we said you’ll earn a particular sum when you work at AVN Stars. There is no way to tell you how much you’ll earn because it all depends on your performance, and the number of subscribers you acquire throughout the time, as well as the rate you’ve established. As you can see, there are several factors that affect your payment, but you can trust you will have most of your earnings by the end of the day. As for payouts, it’s also worth noting the minimum cash out amount is $25. Once you’ve reached that sum, you can request the payout at any time. It’s easy! Another thing you should have in mind at all times is that once you’ve requested the payout, it may take about seven days to be completed, but transactions are usually completed quickly. The payment options available on AVN Stars include ACH and Paxum. Regional Block Feature This is something we are used to seeing in most adult networks. If there’s a Regional Block or Geo-block feature available, that means you can make your profile inaccessible for particular locations, including cities, states, and countries. However, please keep in mind this does not guarantee people from that city won’t be able to access your content. If they use a virtual private network (VPN), they may access your profile as if nothing has happened. Earn more money using AVN Stars’ Referral Program It is possible to increase your earnings a bit, thanks to AVN’s referral program. Thanks to this, you can receive an extra 5% by each model referred to as the website. This is a lifetime increase, too! Do you own a studio, or are a producer? Studios and/or producers can be sure they will be able to use the website to their advantage. These accounts have nothing, in particular, to differentiate between regular model accounts, except for the fact they can modify their gender to “business.” These accounts are not exactly for studio models, but for producers who want to earn money through their work. If you own a studio and would like to use AVN Stars, it would be best if you referred the models working under your brand to the website so you could receive the extra 5% of revenue share. More fabulous things available for you in AVN Stars One of the most important magazines in the adult industry owns this website. They’re experts in the adult industry who have worked on this niche for several years, so it’s valid to say you can expect a lot of fantastic features on their platform. Some of the things you can also enjoy when you become an AVN Stars model are the following: The most popular models may appear on the homepage, with their profiles linked directly. If you have been nominated for a prize, we have some good news. The voting process is done via AVN Stars, and all nominees can take advantage of multiple promotional tools so they can compete with each other in a fairway. Pros and Cons of AVN Stars AVN Stars is a website for fan club subscriptions, and it can also be used as a regular social media site. This website was developed by the people behind the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, or even better, the AVN Awards. AVN Stars is hugely similar to OnlyFans, another subscription website. Members subscribe to your profile, and you earn money every time they renew their subscription. Also, you can sell individual pieces of content in order to maximize your earnings, but we already talked about that. To summarize, you can do fantastic things to earn money in AVN Stars with little effort. Now, let’s explore all the pros and cons that come with this website so you can be sure you’re making the right decision by establishing yourself here. Pros Excellent support team/customer service. It’s available for you 24/7 and will answer your questions as soon as possible. It has an easy-to-use interface. You will get familiarized with it a few minutes after you start using the website. You only need $25 to withdraw money. This is a huge advantage compared to other websites. Since this website is part of the AVN network, it’s possible for you to get nominated for their awards and receive votes, win prizes, and more by using this platform. Cons It’s not as popular as other subscription websites, such as OnlyFans. This means it may take you a bit longer to reach a broader audience. The platform is still new, and there may be some technical problems. Some users have complained about the personalized nickname feature not working properly, for example. Conclusion If you’re looking for a side hustle and are considering becoming an adult-oriented model, then one of the best options you have for that is using AVN Stars as your leading site. Even if this website isn’t as popular as sites like OnlyFans, it’s still possible to grow a significant fan base and earn a decent amount of money every month. Remember that AVN Stars, like other subscription websites, are mostly about performance and subscribers. The more subscribers you have, the more money you will earn, so make sure you get a lot of promos so you can make the most of your career!