onlyfans best gay users

onlyfans best gay users - These are the men you are subscribing to the most. Over the past three to five years, the homemade gay porn market has crystalized and gone mainstream. Fan site platforms like JustForFans, OnlyFans, and more have cropped up, allowing performers to film, edit, publish, and (more importantly) profit from their own content. And it has made for big business with reports consistently showing that performers can bring home $10,000 a month or more.  So while the porn awards are about to kick up their circuit soon, awarding the best in studio work, we would be remiss to not look back at who the masses decided to fap to in 2019. The following list was culled by Dominic Ford, the creator of JustForFans, and represent the most followed gay accounts on the platform — he also did a  list of trans performers . "This list is incredibly diverse in porn star vs. amateur, age, race, body type," Ford  wrote on Twitter  when he released the full list of the top 15 performers — he told  Out  that he decided to do the  top 15  because while this list is ordered by the most subscribers, when ordered by the most profits (performers can set their own monthly fee so some opt for a lesser following at a premium price) a few from the 11 - 15 slots shot into the top 10. "It is the point of a platform like JFF where everyone stands an equal chance of being successful. I am proud of everyone on the JFF platform, and this list is a microcosm of that diversity." The top 15 are rounded out by accounts like  Krave Melanin ,  Cade Maddox , and  Rocco Steele . 10. PhatRabbitKill2 His account is anonymous (thus the lack of a face in this image.) Twitter here . 9. Max Konnor Twitter here . 8. RealMenFullBush Twitter here .  7. HungerFF Twitter here . Was number 6 on the list for 2018. 6. DeepFillerNYC Twitter here . 5. RopeTrainKeep *This photo is not of the guy who runs the page but instead, one of his subs that he has tied up. Twitter here . Was number 4 on the list in 2018.  4. Rafael Alencar Twitter here . Was number 8 on the list for 2018. 3. Rhyheim Shabazz Twitter here . 2. Gabriel Cross Twitter here . Was number 3 on the list for 2018.