OnlyFans Alternatives for Adult Content Creators

OnlyFans  is a fanclub platform that is used by many adult performers. Although OnlyFans is a great platform with high percentages, it’s not the only platform on the market that offers this type of service. There’s tons of fanclub platforms out there, each with their own features and perks. We’ve compiled a list of top OnlyFans alternatives for adult performers. Unlockd, the One Stop Shop for Fans Unlockd  is the perfect OnlyFans alternatives that allows adult performers to post to a fan club feed as well as interact with customers through feed posts and messages, sell content, and provide webcam shows to customers. They are truly the best alternative because they pay out 85% rather than the standard payout on OnlyFans which is 80%! You can monetize a variety of adult services on  Unlockd  and promote the services to your own fans as well as to the internal traffic that Unlockd provides! Unlockd has a special algorithm that promotes active models, which makes their site very unique and further promotes staying active on their website/ IsMyGirl: Fanclubs, Camming, Clip Sales and More! IsMyGirl  is a platform that offers a fanclub platform very similar to OnlyFans. In addition to subscriptions, models can also make money from a wide range of other features. These features include clip sales, private messaging, premium Snapchat subscriptions and live camming. IsMyGirl only pays out 70%, as compared to OnlyFans 80%, but also does more for traffic. While OnlyFans is still trying to brand itself for fitness models and Instagram celebrities, IsMyGirl is geared towards adult performers and does more for organic discovery (search, directory, discovery page). JustForFans – Adult Fanclubs, Content Sales and Phone sex JustForFans  is one of the closest platforms to OnlyFans. If you’re used to OnlyFans, learning how to use JustForFans will be a breeze. Like OnlyFans, they also offer up to 80% (70% for starters). All genders are welcome to sell subscriptions on the site, and ACH or SWIFT are the currently accepted genders. JustForFans was founded by pornstar Dominic Ford, with the specific mission of providing an adult-friendly alternative. Just like OnlyFans, JustForFans also has a model referral, as well as a customer affiliate program as well. JustForFans is the newest platform on the market, so look for changes and improvements in the near future. iWantFanClub – Specializing In Fetish Content / Performers iWantFanClub  is another platform that models will feel at home with. The look and feel of iWantFanClub is almost identical to that of OnlyFans. iWantEmpire (the company that powers iWantFanClub) specializes in fetish content and performers, but vanilla models can still use the platform. iWantFanClub pays out 72%, placing it close to what OnlyFans pays, but not quite there. iWantEmpire was designed for the adult industry and will never migrate to 100% SFW. FanCentro – Sell Snapchat and Instagram Subscriptions FanCentro  is a platform for selling subscriptions for both Snapchat and Instagram. FanCentro pays out 75%, which is competitive with OnlyFans. FanCentro is 100% adult-friendly, but keep in mind that Snapchat and Instagram are not. Even though that’s the case, both platforms have been very popular and profitable for performers. In addition to providing the payment processing and all the tools to manage subscriptions, FanCentro influencers will also be included in their directory. Membershyp – Sell Premium Social Media Subscriptions Membershyp  is a platform for monetizing a wide range of social media sites. Models can make money selling subscriptions for Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp and Kik. Keep in mind that even though Membershyp is adult-friendly, that doesn’t mean the social media networks they’re supporting are adult-friendly, so there’s still the chance for a ban to occur. Membershyp sellers can get up to 90%, making it one of the highest-paying alternatives. Performers also get added to Membershyp’s directory. ManyVids MV Crush – Premium Subscription Service ManyVids  latest feature, MV Crush is a high-paying premium subscription service. MV Crush is different from their fanclub feature in a lot of ways. The fanclub gives access to all the uploaded content, while MV Crush is something fans subscribe to, and you’re able to send updates to all of the “Crushes”. MV Crush also pays out 80%, making it the highest percentage that can be earned via ManyVids. ModelCentro – Build An Adult Paysite Quickly and Easily ModelCentro  is a platform that makes it easy for performers and studios to build their own membership sites. ModelCentro requires no upfront investment or technical knowledge. It works on a revshare model (72% after all the fees) and ModelCentro doesn’t charge for anything (hosting, ect). They only get paid when you get a sale. ModelCentro is a different beast than OnlyFans, as it’s a platform for building your own website, and not an actual platform. There is evidence that shows that it’s often easier to get subscriptions on a network, especially if the customer already has an existing account on said network. That being said; there’s a lot of advantages of running your own website outside of the subscriptions. Other services can be offered on the site, and it can be used for promoting other networks and services as well. AdultMemberSites – Website Building Platform For Models AdultMemberSites  is another website building platform for adult performers. Like ModelCentro, there is no upfront costs with the platform, and it works on a revshare model. AdultMemberSites has a complicated percentage-structure, but performers can earn up to 85%. Keep in mind that there are some maintenance fees associated with the platform, but performers don’t pay those fees until they start making enough money. Once again, this is not a platform, but a website. Evidence points to it being easier to get signups on a network than it is on a website, but there are some advantages to running your own website. This includes increased exposure and the ability to promote other networks and services.