Onlyfans Affiliate Program

OnlyFans Model Referral Program: 5% Revshare for One Year OnlyFans  is a popular adult fanclub platform. OnlyFans also has an affiliate program where webmasters can earn a 5% one year revshare off all the new performers or producers referred to the site. (The program was previously lifetime revshare but was updated in May of 2020 and failed the grandfather in lifetime referrals.) If you’ve got model or producer traffic, OnlyFans is one of the networks that you need to be promoting. The very high 80% payouts makes the platform real popular and the residual income from monthly rebills makes it insanely profitable! Here’s all the details on the OnlyFans affiliate program.   Quick Information: Commissions:  5% One Year Revshare Promo Tools:  Deep-Linking Payout Frequency:  Monthly Cashout Options:  ACH, Paxum, ePayments, SEPA Minimum Payout:  $20-$100 Webmaster Referral Program:  No   Earn 5% One Year Revshare Earn a 5% One Year revshare on all new performers / producers / content creators referred to OnlyFans. Because of the subscription-nature of OnlyFans and the residual income it builds and ramps up, the earnings can be quite lucrative. Each performer that is highly active on the platform should  be ramping up their monthly earnings by steadily acquiring new subscribers (while maintaining current ones), and this is compounded by every new model referred to the site.   Payments: Min Payouts, Payout Schedule and Cashout Options OnlyFans affiliate payouts are made monthly. OnlyFans provides multiple payout options. These options vary based on the location of the OnlyFans model. USA affiliates have the option of ACH / direct deposit cashouts. Foreign affiliates have the options of ePayments, Paxum and wire transfer. Affiliates in Europe have SEPA in addition to e-wallets and Canadian or Australian affiliates have direct deposit in addition to e-wallets and wire transfers. The minimum cashout is between $20 and $200, depending on the cashout option. Models have the option to set cashouts for weekly, monthly or on-demand.   Promo Tools: Deep-Linking There’s no banners, artwork or other promotional tools for the OnlyFans affiliate program. OnlyFans does allow for deep-linking though. Just copy and paste the linking parameters (the code at the end of the referral link) to the end of any OnlyFans URL (outside of their blog subdomain) and the tracking parameters will work and the cookie will get planted.   Referral Stats / Earnings Page the OnlyFans referral page also gives some good stats on the referrals. It’s ranked by top earnings referrals and shows the join date, total amount earned and links to their platform. This makes it easy to identify the top earners and when they joined.   How Studios Can Use The Affiliate Program If you’re running a studio, definitely consider using the OnlyFans affiliate program as an extra source of revenue. Although there aren’t “studio accounts” in the traditional sense, the affiliate program still has value for studios. By signing up your models to OnlyFans through the referral program, you’ll gain 5% revshare off their earnings. Best of all, you won’t need to deduct the studio cut out of the model’s earnings!   More Information On OnlyFans Ready to get started promoting OnlyFans?  Signup today!  The registration process is quick and easy and you can get started in no time. OnlyFans is a leading fanclub platform with tons of great features. OnlyFans features a high percentage, making it really appealing for performers and producers. The site is mobile friendly and supports mobile uploading directly from the phone, which makes it perfect for sharing selfies and behind the scenes content. You can learn more about the platform by checking out the link below.