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LiveJasmin is one of the world’s foremost destinations for live sex video chat. Since the website was created over 19 years ago they have had more than 130,000 women register as models. There are also men and trans models but they make up just 8% of the performers overall while cam girls show account for 92% of their business. The name LiveJasmin has been synonymous with beautiful girls performing nude via private webcams since the site’s founding clear back in the year 2001. A rarely known fact is that was where LiveJasmin got its start and at first the audience was all Hungarian. Another interesting thing to know about Livejasmin cams is that they used to have a sister site called merely Jasmin cams are just a collection of girls’ profiles from the core webcam sex site called LiveJasmin. Over the 11 years, I have used Livejasmin I have seen lots of changes. The most recent aspects and features are shared in our reviews. LiveJasmin Reviews: What to Expect These Days Don’t get it twisted, this is a place that is known the world over now as a destination site to talk to women live on cam for sex chat. The parent company is still Hungarian owned and now based in Switzerland. The models span the globe with higher concentrations in Romania and Latin America. As far as the users and customers, most are American but few of the cam girls are based in the United States. Just another interesting fact that few people know. That said LiveJasmin has had many ongoing projects to crack the US market for over 8 years now including a celebrity song placement with Flo Rida in the form of the song called, “ Hey Jasmin “. Jasmin also tried to advertise the format to US households but has been censored and prevented from doing so on many occasions. For a period of time LiveJasmin also had an office in Los Angeles but they now center most of their programming and work with models in Europe between Switzerland and Hungary. If you were to attend any of the adult industry conferences you would most certainly see LiveJasmin with a huge presence sporting their loud red color scheme. From wrapping stairs with their brand, having their own yacht, to writing their brand at the bottom of Olympic sized swimming pools, LiveJasmin loves to get people talking. A Clean XXX Live Cams Website The first thing that greets you at the LiveJasmin website is literally 100’s of thumbnails of gorgeous women waiting to pleasure you in just about any way you could possibly imagine; albeit via webcam. 100’s, yes, you heard that right and we are not exaggerating when we say the selection of hot webcam girls is breathtaking at Let’s talk more about the specifics involved with using this webcam site though. First off, the  sign-up process is pretty straightforward, you need to enter your email address, choose a password, and confirm it. LiveJasmin, unlike other adult webcam sites, doesn’t overcomplicate the initial registration process; instead, they simply want to make sure you are of legal age to view the content. First-time users also get some free credits when they sign-up. This adult cam site features – Two-way audio feature, Cam2Cam feature, and a private session with the model. Each cam girl has a set price which you can see when you hop from nude chat room to nude chat room. It’s an erotic experience like no other if you have never tried live sex cams, and LiveJasmin is pretty much the site that made adult webcams a cultural phenomenon. We also wrote about some of the  top LiveJasmin cam girls  as well which highlights just a handful of our favorite performers from this nude cams site. Most people would agree camgirls at LiveJasmin are some of the most glamorous cam models in the world. Easy Navigation – Intuitive Use of CAM GIRL FEATURES Another thing that I appreciate in this cam site is navigation. I mean, it is so uncluttered so smooth that even a noob would be able to traverse through pages effortlessly. The tabs are few and you have a choice of thumbnails too. The clarity of the feeds makes it super easy to see the smallest details as well. I mean, how thoughtful, right? They have also incorporated a smart search bar that helps you get what you want and get there real fast. Even obscure terms like Cosplay or Football will return shockingly accurate results; unlike many other cam sites that have useless search filters. The intelligent categorization is just one of the dozens of aspects that have made LiveJasmin a household name for live sex on cam. Choose between Category (the type of models), Show type (Free chat, Private chat, Scheduled chat, and so on), Ethnicity, Price, Age, Appearance, Hair, and Willingness; the depth makes you really feel like a king. Our reviews of LiveJasmin are now updated to cover mobile live, promotions, and story features. Safety and Support At LiveJasmin Credits did not show up in your account? Camera quality not up to the mark (that’s a rarity!), sessions logged out – any sort of problems,  has got you covered as their support modules make resolving any rare issue quite simple. You can mail them asking for assistance and the FAQs page has tons of useful answers instantly. Billing Privacy: Jasmin cams have their own billing platform that is top of the line and focused on ease of payment and discretionary labeling of charges so that prying eyes won’t be able to tell it is a sex cams your using. You can actually not tell what it was because it appears as a regular banking fee =  Kudos to LiveJasmin for making it private in all aspects HTTPS secure integration came a few years back to enhance the private adult webcams chat experience here. Some of the hottest cam girls work here. Now, that I have spoken about how good this adult cam site is, you must be wondering what’s the catch, what is that I am not telling you? There is no catch but of course, it’s not free.  Just the contrary adult webcams are a massive and growing business that rake in around 6 billion dollars in annual sales around the world. The sheer scope of people using and coming back to nude chat room sites continues to skyrocket. Providing you are okay paying a few dollars for a minute of chat that is, in fact, live and nude you will probably enjoy your time at this xxx cam site and come back. Remember our  LiveJasmin reviews  cover all Jasmin sister sites from the same company but going into 2021 that has now closed but  BimBim  is their latest offering. Yes, you do have to share your basic information, email address, and payment information as well; but because it’s such a big business the platform has all the bases covered to make sure they retain users and keep them happy. Even your transactions are safe and appear rather discreetly on your credit card statement as noted above under what we liked about using the LiveJasmin cams site. Let’s also touch on the 3 big changes at LiveJasmin cams in 2021 This features discounted LiveJasmin cam girls which rotate and change by the day! LiveJasmin mobile featured the 2-way video call button now. Promotions are featured on the promotion tab. These are not deals to entire non-users to join, but rather models whose costs are discounted and are featured on the promo page. This gives users trying to enjoy cam sex chat a way to save and meet and talk with new LiveJasmin cam girls. LiveJasmin Story is a feature that dates back to 2018 and is meant to give cam girls a way to keep fans updated. It has come and gone and now is featured as one of the main navigational tabs in 2021. Mobile Live tab is just a more refined and polished way to use LiveJasmin mobile focused on both the model and you see one another. Frankly, there are little differences that many people may just as easily overlook, but to an expert eye you will see the, ‘call me’ icon and other need display aspects that work better for mobile sex cams and that is what they are trying to highlight. It’s really pretty cool how you can talk on the phone with Livejasmin girls! NOTE: You might think what is different about video calls with cam girls and just watching them on cam. Well as it turns out  most users don’t allow cam girls to see them, this is an automated two-way video call and it is totally worth trying.  LiveJasmin Membership Costs / Prices for That’s said, you must wondering why haven’t addressed the elephant in the room (the costs) while writing as detailed of LiveJasmin reviews as we have. We saved the best for last. If you are a regular at adult webcam sites then you probably already know the costs of Livejasmin, but for those who do not expect to pay $2.00 to $3.00 per minute and sometimes more for super popular and well-established cam girls. You will be paying models using credits as well so you have to buy the packages and the system detects the time in private cam shows and auto-deducts credits. One neat aspect of LiveJasmin is the fact they now offer a way to buy more credits if you are in a cam show and run out in the middle of a live show. These credits are how the models make a living and most models are not showing off their bodies just for kicks. It’s also important to take note of the fact that most male users are from North America and most of the cam girls from lesser affluent parts of the world; which is what makes for the recipe of low-cost adult webcam shows and that is another reason men tend to use adult webcam sites often after they are first introduced to this form of adult entertainment. AliaBreathtaking one of our favorite cam girls for 2021 at LiveJasmin Fair Prices for Live Sex Cam Chat LiveJasmin is one of the cheapest adult webcams you will come across and cheap here doesn’t refer to the quality, but really the overall experience and value you get. You can buy the small packages which start at either $17.99 or $31.99 and have 3 or 4 explicit adult cam chat sessions with different models which compared to the days of old where you’d spend this on one phone sex call or a single trip to the XXX video store it’s quite a fair value. Frankly, I think it is dirt cheap when you compare it to other good adult webcams sites and most of the models here in HD as well. LiveJasmin also has a few fantastic offers where they give away free credits with certain packages. To summarize our LiveJasmin review I would say that it is one of the best live porn cams sites or at least in the top 3 of all nude cam sites; a must-try without question.   is one of our favorite adult video chat sites and we have now been members for 11 years. Lastly, we really love how all users get 10 minutes free when they register. We also wrote a post about comparing  LiveJasmin vs Streamate  that you may want to read.