Is AVN Stars Legit?

Whenever a new website is launched, people begin wondering whether it is legit or not. These doubts are valid, especially if you’re new to the adult industry. This niche is filled with shady websites that often take advantage of you and make you lose money. However, you can certainly trust that AVN Stars is an entirely legit website where anyone can start earning money. AVN Stars is part of the popular magazine, Adult Video News. Experts in the adult industry developed this platform, so it’s valid to say that AVN Stars is a legit website run by one of the most important adult industry networks. If you’re not familiar with AVN Stars, let us introduce you a bit to the website. What is AVN Stars? As we said, this website was developed by AVN. It is an adult network whose main feature is fan club subscriptions, although it is possible to earn money via tips, camming, and selling content. AVN Stars also contains many social media features, so it is valid to use the website only for those purposes. If you have plans of charging for your content, the website will ask you identity and tax information to verify your profile. Who can become an AVN Stars model? AVN Stars allows everyone over the age of 18 to become models on the network. It’s possible for anyone, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, to start a fan club and monetize different content types. Upon completion of the registration process, you can start uploading as much content as you want. See below for information regarding the content you can upload. Click here to sign up for AVN Stars now! How to get started in AVN Stars There isn’t anything special about getting registered into AVN Stars. You can link your Twitter account with the website to complete registration, or you can choose to create a custom nickname. If you want to use AVN Stars as a regular social media site, you won’t need to provide any documentation. However, things are different for those who wish to sell content. Content creators must provide tax and identity information, the first to receive their payments and the second to prove you’re over the age of 18. If you’re performing with multiple people, each one of your companions must have their age verified as well. Main Features of AVN Stars Here you have the list of all the features you can use in AVN Stars. Fan club subscriptions  — This is the main feature of the website. People can subscribe to your profile so they can have access to your premium content. “ Go Live ” — This feature is all about live streaming. It works like it would in cam sites. You perform, and people can send you likes, tips, and comments. Sell Individual Pieces of Content  — It’s also possible to sell content per piece. You can set the rates for each feature available in AVN Stars. Also, be aware that this is one of the highest paying adult networks. Models get 80% of the revenue they produce on the website. Is AVN Stars safe? Absolutely. Not only is it ran and operated by an adult media juggernaut, but you can also be rest assured it’s safe to create content on and make money from. There are dozens of safety features from geo-blocking regions you don’t want seeing your content to being able to block anyone on the platform. Watermarks are available to protect your content.