How to make money with Fansly Ultimate Guide — Money Making Tips & Tricks

We have put together the ultimate guide for starting and growing your personal Fansly account in 2021. This Fansly guide is designed to help content creators grow their profile, get more fans & subscribers, learn about promotion and ultimately make more money. Fansly has been considered by many as the top OnlyFans alternative in 2021 — get in before it’s too late. This Fansly manual will cover useful tips and hacks for both beginners as well as existing models to become successful. First Things First [IMPORTANT] If you are looking to sign up to Fansly, make sure to use the  referral link here . This will register you as a partner of Fans Magician (author of this awesome guide), and allow you to access our free resources, templates, future marketing tips. Come join the inner circle! Contents of This Guide Fansly Overview Methods to Make Money on Fansly Account & Profile Setup a)  Account Verification & Bank Info b)  Choose a Profile Price c)  Profile Setup Posting Content a)  Type of Content b)  Quality of Content Promotion & Marketing a)  Where to Promote b)  How to Promote c)  Discounts Fansly Tricks & Marketing Strategies a)  Bonus Marketing Tip #1 b)  Bonus Marketing Tip #2 Tips for Starting & Posting on Fansly a)  Be Dedicated & Patient b)  Be Organized c)  Select a Niche You Will Enjoy d)  Add a Twist to Your Content e)  Make Your Profile Look Professional f)  Be Confident g)  Do Not Rush to Use Paid Promotions h)  Ignore Internet Trolls Ending Note 1. Fansly Overview Fansly is a social media platform combined with content subscription service, where fans need to pay the content creators on Fansly in order to see their exclusive content such as photos and videos. Content creators retain 80% of all the money made, while 20% goes to the Fansly website itself. In other words, think of Fansly as the next OnlyFans. It is already gaining so much traction and many models and creators are signing up. The platform is well known for allowing adult content in addition to other genres such as fitness or music, and is part of the reason why the content creators needs to be at least 18 years old to be approved. Starting Fansly — Beginner Money Making Guide 2. Methods to Make Money on Fansly Similar to OnlyFans, there are a number of ways to earn money on Fansly: Set up a paid account — earn money by having fans who pay you a monthly subscription fee to see your exclusive profile and posts Create paid posts — fans pay a one off fee to unlock a specific post (usually for accounts who have a free profile) Receive tips through messages — fans can send tips with monetary values through the direct message interface But before all that, you should sign up to Fansly using  this link here . You can set up either a free account (zero monthly subscription price) or a paid account (fans need to pay a monthly fee to stay subscribed to your profile). The more fans or subscribers you have, the more money you will likely to make — and that is why promoting your profile and content is super important. Some practical and useful promotion strategies and techniques will be explained later on in this guide. 3. Account & Profile Setup a) Account Verification & Bank Info In order to be able to receive payment, you will need to submit some personal and account details to Fansly for review. This is to verify that you are a real person and the rightful owner of the accounts and any associated social media profiles. It will ask you for a type of government-issued identification as part of this process. This could be a passport, ID card or driving licence. After your application is approved, which may take several days, you will be able to add in your bank account for options to withdraw your earnings. b) Choose a Profile Price As previously mentioned, you have an option to either keep your profile free (that is, fans can follow your account without paying) or add a monthly subscription price (that is, fans need to pay a monthly fee to follow your account). The upside of having a free account is that fans can see the type of content you offer and can decide whether to pay a one-off fee for your locked paid posts or send you tips. c) Profile Setup Take some time to fill in some details that you want your fans and subscribers to know. These should include: Username (the URL that appears in the browser) Display name About (describe yourself, type of content, your theme or genre etc.) Social media links (Twitter, Instagram etc.) Profile picture Cover image It is very important to make your account look like it is being managed by a real person. Give your fans the assurance that they are paying money to be exclusive and personal to a genuine & legitimate content creators, as opposed to a scam-looking ghost account. 4. Posting Content Now that you have made your profile look all nice and pretty, it is time to post some content  before  you promote your profile. It is important that there will be photos and videos ready for viewing when the fans arrive (no one wants to pay a fee to see absolutely nothing for a week — they want bang for their buck!) a) Type of Content There are a variety of content types that you can post, and there have been success in all of them. Although some types are more difficult to promote than others, it is completely up to your personal preference to see which kind you are most comfortable with. Some examples include: Non-sexual content (music, art, fitness, food etc.) Nude content (with or without face) Implied nudity (where nudity is suggested but the view can’t be certain how undressed it is) Non-nude content (such as bikini or fitness photos) Fetishes (feet, legs, hands etc.) b) Quality of Content Although you don’t have to buy a new expensive camera, you still want to make sure your image and video resolutions are still decent enough to ensure quality. At the end of the day, your subscribers are paying money to see appealing photos and videos, the attractiveness of which generally increases with content quality. Some things to consider when producing photos and videos: Lighting Angle Pose Background Clothes Interactive objects 5. Promotion & Marketing No one will be your fan if they don’t know about your Fansly profile. Promoting your profile and marketing yourself to external platforms is one of the most important steps in generating income through Fansly. It is the arguably the only way that new content creators (and even existing content creators) can increase their fanbase and number of subscribers. Subreddit r/Fansly_Babes Tip: Link to subreddit shown above  is here . a) Where to Promote Reddit  — there are a lot of NSFW subreddits that allow you to promote yourself with an image. Some subreddits allow you to put your Fansly link in the comments. If you partner with Fans Magician you can receive an extensive list of subreddits available for promotion. Discord  — there are a number of public discord servers that you can promote your Fansly profiles in. You can find these on discord server lists such as Disboard or Twitter  — This is a great option especially if you have a large following already. Twitter has content policy regarding the extent of explicit content. Instagram  — This is a great option especially if you have a large following already. Instagram has content policy regarding the extent of explicit content. Facebook  — Although still a viable option, it is generally less effective than other platforms. Facebook has content policy regarding the extent of explicit content. Shout-outs  — There are accounts on Twitter, Instagram and even Fansly itself that have a large following, they can do shout-outs to promote you to an existing large audience. Cam/tube sites  — If you are already active on these sites, you can offer your audience and viewers the opportunity to subscribe to your Fansly to more exclusive content b) How to Promote Knowing where to promote your content isn’t enough. You will want to craft the messaging and tone of your promotional posts such that it is immediately appealing and stands out from the rest. Example of a promotional post There are a lot of information you can include in the content of your promotional posts that could attract potential viewers: Describe the type of content (e.g. cosplay, outdoors, partners) Describe yourself (e.g. cute fit girl from which country) Describe your exclusivity (e.g. accept custom content requests, accept kinky fetishes) Show a pre-view or provocative version of your main Fansly content in the image section of your promotional posts Offer deals and discounts (see next section) c) Discounts You can choose to reduce your price on a discount sale for a for a period of time you’d like. This will attract more users as they feel like they’ve picked up a good deal. 6. Fansly Tricks & Marketing Strategies a) Bonus Marketing Tip #1 One trick is to set your monthly subscription fee to $0 (i.e. free). Mix up your profile posts with both free posts and paid posts. Free posts can be provocative photos but still with parts hidden, you can tweak the tone of the message to attract fans to pay for your paid posts which will be more explicit. $0 monthly subscription fee accounts are much easier to grow a fanbase, once you have a decent following you can do mass messaging using DMs to make sales, as they know what type of content you posts by looking at your free posts. b) Bonus Marketing Tip #2 Set up reward points to reward your favorite or most loyal fans. For example, if a fan has subscribed to you for a certain amount of time, or has tipped you a certain amount of money, they can be classified as “VIP fans”, which you can sometimes provide discounts or freebies for. This incentivize them to keep supporting you. 7. Tips for Starting & Posting on Fansly a) Be Dedicated & Patient Promoting yourself and selling your content to your fans & subscribers on a digital platform isn’t as simple as you think — treat it like a real job. If you are only going to put in half-arsed effort you are likely not going to get much in return. If you can’t be dedicated or persistent for at least 3 months, don’t even start. b) Be Organized Although this is something you can do in the comfort of your own home, don’t take it for granted. Choose days in the week and hours in the day to take photos, create content, do promotions and engage with your fans. Set blocks of focus time in your day to tick off pre-assigned tasks. As mundane as it may sound, being organized and doing admin tasks well help you progress. c) Select a Niche You Will Enjoy Don’t just ‘post nudes’. The market is too saturated with uncreative, generic content. If you want to do well, select something more specific such as Cosplay / Body Art / Color-themed etc. Also, once you select your niche, there a lot of niche-specific websites and forums that you can promote your content in. d) Add a Twist to Your Content A lot of the earnings that a content makes is not simply from the monthly subscriptions. A lot of it actually comes from money made from direct messaging. It is the when you send messages (that can include photos and videos) to your fans directly through the Fansly DM interface. You can earn some good tips from this method. For example, you can offer to do unique custom requests through DM such as writing a fan’s name on your body for a good sum of monetary exchange, or saying their name in a short video clip. e) Make Your Profile Look Professional Having a professionally looking profile goes a long way. And high quality photos will help your account look more appealing. If you are only going to post low quality crap with poor lighting, stay on Snapchat. OK, maybe a bit too harsh there — but accounts with good quality content with proper poses tend to do much better. Another thing is remember is to add some genuine descriptions on your account — describe yourself as much as you feel comfortable and outline what you enjoy. Essentially make yourself sound like a real person as opposed to some ghost accounts. f) Be Confident If you have already decided to start doing Fansly to help your financial situation, don’t back down, otherwise just don’t start. Spend some time and appreciate your own work and enjoy the content you are producing. If your body is an asset, don’t be afraid to use it to your advantage, especially if it’s something many others don’t have. g) Do Not Rush to Use Paid Promotions If you are just starting out, don’t even think about paying someone to advertise. There are several things you need to sort out and understand first. This includes having a decent amount of content available (no one wants to pay $7.99 a month to look at one photo each month). Also do some research and understand what price range you should be looking for. Often, free methods of promotion that you can do yourself is a good way to know whether your content is working or not. If you are starting out, chances are you don’t understand the market well enough to be able to make an informed decision on advertising costs. h) Ignore Internet Trolls It’s the bloody internet so don’t expect every single person you talk to to be nice to you. Unfortunately, there are a lot of trolls on the internet and some people are going to be dicks to you but all you need to do is ignore it. Don’t dwell on it because you can’t please everyone. Engage with your favorite fans and reward them, and ignore the trolls — move on & forget about them. Ending Note If you are thinking of starting on Fansly, it would mean so much if you signed up using our referral link below. Referral Link : Looking for a place to promote yourself? Join us on Reddit here: Join our Discord Inner Circle! Marketing tips, shoutout-for-shoutouts and general chit-chat with other Fansly creators! Discord link — There are a lot more things that can be learnt along the journey but I hope this can help you gain a better insight into Fansly.