How to Make Money on Loyalfans

Loyalfans is a subscription/premium social media website that was recently launched. It was previously known as NexoCams, and although it still conserves the camming feature, now it is possible to earn money through different means. Loyalfans is an excellent option for influencers or people with a large number of followers on social media. Becoming a model on Loyalfans is not complicated, and the applications are approved quickly. Unlike many other websites, it has many available tools you can use to promote your content and earn more massive amounts of money in little time. These features can be used by everyone right after their applications have been approved. Making money on Loyalfans isn’t complicated either. There are many features you can choose from to earn money, and you don’t necessarily have to use all of them. Through this post, we’re going to explore all the services you can use to make money on Loyalfans, as well as other features the website has for content creators. Let’s see! What do you need to get started? First, let’s clear some doubts regarding the registration process. You don’t need anything special. Anyone over the age of 18 can register on Loyalfans, but note that the website will ask you to submit a digital copy of your ID to have your age and identity verified. Since applications are reviewed manually, it may take some time for you to get started. There are no preferences over anyone here. You can grow a fan base on Loyalfans regardless of your gender identity or sexual orientation! Besides what’s been mentioned, you may need some equipment to take advantage of the features. For example, you’ll need a high-quality webcam for camming, and a great camera to take your pictures and videos. If you’re going to post audio, it would be best if you had a microphone as well. This equipment is not strictly necessary, and a good phone will do in most cases. Sign up for Loyalfans right now by clicking here! What services can you offer on Loyalfans? We already mentioned that some of the services include premium fan clubs and camming, but there are more ways to make money on this site. On this section, you will find all the services you can offer on Loyalfans. Fanclub Subscriptions Premium fan clubs are the primary feature of Loyalfans. You get to set the price for the monthly fee. Fanclub subscriptions can become highly profitable if you obtain a large number of subscribers! You can set the rate for the monthly subscription from  $1 to $50. To keep having access to your content, people must pay for the subscription fee. It’s also possible to offer promos, like free trials to new followers or discounts. Other platforms of the same kind have implemented these features as well, like OnlyFans. Locked Content While it is possible to post content available only for subscribers, you can also make money by selling locket content. This works similarly to Pay-Per-View content on other platforms. Followers and subscribers can purchase the content once it becomes available. You can post almost anything you can think of, as long as it follows Loyalfans’ guidelines. You are not limited to only pictures and videos but can also make audio, GIFs, and text available for purchase through this feature. Paid Messaging Your subscribers are willing to pay a limited amount for messaging you. Many people like to get in touch directly with their favorite model, which is why this feature is so convenient. You can set the prices for each incoming message. Camming Loyalfans was primarily a camming site in the past. Now it has evolved, and although you’re able to use different features, this one is still available. Camming may not be as lucrative here as in other websites, but it’s always worth a shot. If you want to earn money by camming, you should get an excellent webcam with high quality. Loyalfans’ Referral Program All content creators can take advantage of Loyalfans’ referral program. By using it, you can earn an extra 5% of the revenue share generated by the referred member. If they’re models, you’ll get said percentage of their sales, and if they’re a regular member, you will earn said the percentage of the purchases they complete on the website. Sign up for by clicking here now! How much do Loyalfans models make? It’s not possible to tell you an exact amount, but you should know that Loyalfans lets you keep 80% of the revenue generated on the website. It is currently one of the highest paying adult-friendly networks, which is why you should consider it among your options if you’re looking for the right side hustle. Regarding the cash out methods, first, you should note the minimum payout is $50. Once you have said the sum available in your account, you’ll be able to request a cash out via ACH (for USA residents) or Wire Transfer (International models). Loyalfans pays content creators twice per month, in two pay periods. The first period starts on the first day of the month and lasts until day 15. The next period begins from day 16 and lasts until the month is over. Creators will receive their respective payments during the following one to seven working days when periods are closed. Other tools available in Loyalfans This platform has plenty of tools you can use to grow your brand, ranging from promotional tools to regional blocking. Here are some of the features you can take advantage of on this website. · Widget Builder  – Thanks to this feature, you can place a widget that can be placed on other websites. When people click on it, they will be redirected to your Loyalfans page. · Auto-tweeting  – By syncing your Twitter account with Loyalfans, you can use this feature. You can choose the frequency of the tweets and set up the posts, and the app will take care of the rest. · Control over video previews  – This is a new feature, but a perfect one. You can choose to create a video preview, select a thumbnail or maybe display a locked icon so members without a subscription can be tempted to purchase your content. It’s like giving them a taste of what they would enjoy if they were subscribed to your page! Geo-block or Regional Block If you’re worried about your privacy, you can choose to use the Geo-block feature, which allows you to block specific areas. The selected locations won’t have access to your profile, almost as if it didn’t exist. You can choose countries, states, and cities. These and more features are available for all content creators on Loyalfans. However, if you have any doubts about the website’s functioning, you can always clear your questions by accessing Loyalfans University. Loyalfans University The website has made it possible for creators to learn about the website’s primary features via Loyalfans University. It is available on YouTube, Twitter, and the main website. The YouTube channel is destined to show you how the website works through visuals, while you can directly contact the Twitter account and ask them specific questions. Someone from the team will make sure to answer it as soon as possible! Start using Loyalfans today! Already decided this is the website for you?  Get registered and start earning followers right now !