How to Make Money on AVN Stars

Subscription websites have gained a lot of popularity in the latest years. The best thing about them is that you don’t have to be recognized public figure to have success; pretty much everyone can become a model if they have enough charisma. Recently, a new platform where you can grow your brand was launched, AVN Stars. It works similarly to other websites such as OnlyFans and LoyalFans, with some great additions that make the experience a bit more exciting for both models and customers. There are a ton of subscription websites you can choose from! Each one of them has different features you can use to earn money, as well as promotional tools, and other fabulous aspects. This time, we’ll teach you how to make money in AVN Stars. Read on to find out all the services you can provide in AVN Stars, as well as the payment methods they have available on the website. But first, let’s give you some quick tips about the platform. Main features of AVN Stars What services are available?  – Fan club subscriptions, live streams through the “go live” feature, selling individual pieces of content (pictures and video), and paid messages. Who can register?  – Everyone over the age of 18. See more information about how to become an AVN Stars model. How much revenue share do models keep?  – The revenue share percentage models get 80%, a bit higher than what’s usual in subscription websites. Are you already interested? Now let’s explore in depth all the services you can provide in AVN Stars. Fanclubs in AVN Stars First, we should introduce you to the primary feature of AVN Stars: Fanclubs. Your Fanclub is a page where you upload content, and people must pay a monthly subscription in order to keep having access to said content. All users who verify their identities are able to create their fan clubs immediately. Besides your regular profile, this is one of the main ways you’ll have to be in touch with your fans. Whenever you decide to upload content to your page, you can choose whether it will be public or private, hidden through the paywall. AVN Stars models choose the rate for their monthly subscriptions. The prices can range between $2 and $50, but we highly recommend to keep them between $10 and $20 or a price you consider accessible, but that will also make you earn a good sum by the end of the month. If your customers want to keep having access to the content you upload to your page, they must pay the monthly subscription. Click here to sign up for AVN Stars now! Other services available in AVN Stars The main premise of the website is premium fan club subscriptions. But don’t worry, the website offers multiple ways to earn money, as was mentioned above. In this section, we’ll describe each service available in AVN Stars. Sell Clips and Pics This is a feature available in most adult networks. Models can upload videos and pictures and sell them as individual pieces. Content creators can modify the rates for the content they sell on the website. The process of uploading a video or a photo on the network isn’t challenging. You just need to drag and drop the files, and they will be uploaded. Once the process is done, simply set the price for it, and it will be all set up for sale. A watermark feature is automatically enabled in AVN Stars, so if you wouldn’t like your content to have it, you can simply turn it off on the settings page. “Fund Me” Feature This is the tip system of this network. It’s simple; any member who wants to send you a particular amount of money is able to at any time. Go Live or Camming People watching your live stream can type comments, leave a like, or send you tips. Live streams are available in AVN Stars. This “Go Live” feature makes you able to perform cam shows publicly (everyone can see you), or privately (only for your subscribers). Social media features When you first register into the website, AVN Stars will behave as your regular social media site. And yes, it is valid to use the website solely for this purpose; you don’t have to spend any money on it. The social media side of AVN Stars allows you to keep in touch with other users, including customers and content creators. You can post updates, receive comments and likes, etc. You’re allowed to use your profile for promotional purposes, which can help you grow your brand faster. There are many ways you can take advantage of the social media features available in AVN Stars. Although it isn’t as popular as other websites, you can grow quickly since there isn’t too much competition as of now. We recommend you to get registered as soon as possible! Click here to sign up for AVN Stars now! AVN Stars Payment Information In AVN Stars, you get to keep 80% of the revenue generated by your content. This one of the highest paying adult networks you can find around the internet, which is why many people prefer it over other websites. There is no way to tell you an exact or fixed amount as a salary when you work with AVN Stars. There are too many factors that affect your earnings, including the features you use, the content you sell, how many subscribers you have, and so on. However, you can trust you’ll have most of your earnings by the end of the month. As for payouts, it’s also worth noting the minimum cash out amount is $25. Once you’ve reached that sum, you can request the payout at any time. It’s easy! Regarding payouts, you need to have $25 to request the payout. Once the payout has been requested, it will take up to seven days to be processed, but they’re usually completed quickly. ACH and Paxum are the only payment options available in AVN Stars. Features you will only find in AVN Stars AVN Stars is powered by one of the most important magazines in the adult industry, Adult Video News. If you’re familiar with this niche, you probably know they’re responsible for the AVN Awards. So, in case you didn’t know, it’s possible for models to receive nominations, people can vote for you, and you can be awarded! Also, when you’re a nominee, you can use several promotional tools so you can compete with the other nominees better. The voting process is also done via the AVN Stars platform. Also, keep in mind the most popular models are featured on the homepage all the time. If you get to the top, you will have more visibility than the rest. Wouldn’t that be great? Another thing that increases visibility is the “explore” feature. Instead of leaving your profile entirely up to you, people can search new models with this feature and subscribe to their fan clubs if they want. There is also a section dedicated to models who are performing live streams, the content they put up for sale, etc. There is more visibility than in most subscription websites, overall. Are you already convinced? Get registered in AVN Stars today! AVN Stars is a legit website where you can earn money as soon as you get registered. If you already think this is the website for you, get registered now and start your journey!