How to Become a Frisk.Chat Model

Frisk is a brand new website that combines everything that’s good about subscription sites and mainstream social media. Experts run the website in the sex industry, and they’ve been working on this niche for more than 25 years. The website allows you to sell premium content while you keep a close relationship with your clientele simultaneously. Frisk hasn’t been around for too long, but it has become one of the best websites that models can choose to start working in such a short lifespan. In fact, it’s worth noting that it has one of the highest revenue share percentages of adult networks. You get to keep 80% of your earnings, and the other 20% goes to the website’s maintenance. All this sounds good, right? Well, there are more things you should know about. If you’re interested in becoming a Frisk Model, this article should be enough to clarify most of your doubts regarding the application process and its features. You’re about to get an in-depth review of an excellent adult network! What’s required to become a Frisk model? Like in most adult networks, they will ask you to confirm you’re of legal age upfront. There are no exceptions; everyone that’s interested in becoming a model must verify their ages when they make their application. At some point during the application, the website will require you to upload two pictures; the first should be of your ID, and the second must be of you holding your ID next to your face. There is no way to avoid doing this, so if you don’t meet the only real requirement to become a model, maybe you should look at how to make money somewhere else. Anyway, besides this, there are other things you should keep in mind. The content you upload must have good quality; otherwise, it won’t have any value. Most people on the internet are looking for top-notch content, especially if they’re paying a subscription fee. However, this is something you shouldn’t worry about. Most phones nowadays have excellent cameras, which should be enough to cover your content creation. Besides what’s been mentioned, there’s nothing else needed to become a Frisk model. As you can see, it’s easy to start working here and turning your followers into paying customers in little time. After you’ve completed the registration process, you will have to wait for a while. They will give you an answer in about 48 hours. When they’ve sent you an email confirming you’ve been accepted on the website, you can start setting up your page and promoting your profile. Another fact you should know is that if you’re going to upload content with multiple people, they must have their ages verified too. This means they will have to upload the same pictures you were required to; otherwise, the content you upload with them will be removed. Sign up for by clicking here now! What can you do on Frisk? As we’ve mentioned, Frisk has many fabulous features you can take advantage of. Let’s start by mentioning the key ones: All the public content goes to the Free Wall. The public wall is what everyone has access to, even if they haven’t registered on the website yet. So, basically, everything that’s published here must be safe for work. You won’t find much valuable content on the Public Wall, but it’s a great way customers have to meet new models. Frisk doesn’t allow models to post nudity on the Free Wall, but topless is allowed, in some instances (it is only not allowed for profile pictures and headers). Remember that the point of the website is getting paid for premium content. You wouldn’t want anyone to have access to your nudes for free! That’s why the Subscription Wall exists. Premium content goes to the Subscription Wall. This is probably the most important feature of the website. Most of your income will come from here. This is where all the premium content you upload will be, and customers must have a monthly fee to keep having access to it. It is your duty to keep your audience entertained and provide new videos and pictures regularly; otherwise, your account may be “unlisted,” which is similar to having it deactivated. You won’t be able to gain followers, but the ones you already have will remain there. These walls are not the only features of Frisk. There are many other things you can do, including: Paid Chat Yes, you can actually get paid when you talk with your customers. People are willing to pay a good sum for talking with their favorite model. Customers are charged per message. Stories You can post stories anywhere in the Free Wall or the Subscription Wall; there are no limitations. People can access your stories, and they can see all the pictures and videos you upload. This works similarly to Instagram or Snapchat stories, and it’s a great way of earning followers. PPV Store Subscribers are not the only thing that will make you earn money on Frisk. You can also sell PPV content, which means a message will be sent to your followers every time you upload something new when you send a global notification. We’d like to note (and a crucial fact) that Frisk allows you to set the prices for the content you sell. You have no limits, of course, but you should keep them at a reasonable price so you can keep a stable flow of customers. Don’t exaggerate! Sign up for by clicking here now! Promoting yourself in Frisk is easy Frisk allows you to take advantage of its features so you can attract more followers. You can team-up with other models so you can do SFS, and you’re also allowed to make promotional posts, but there is a limit. Spam is strictly punished in Frisk. This can be annoying for the customers and models. You can only make up to five daily promotional posts, either private or free. How do Frisk models get paid? First, you should get in touch with Frisk so you can set-up your preferred payment method. Now, Frisk pays quickly. Models get paid weekly on Mondays, but you can choose to get request your payout before that. You can even wait to reach a milestone and withdraw your money after that. Frisk will keep your funds safe until you’re ready to cash out. Now, this is one of the highest paying adult websites. Frisk pays their models 80% of the revenue generated on the website, as we mentioned above. However, one thing you should have in mind is that Frisk is based in the UK. For international transfers, fees may apply. This is why it is so important for you to reach Frisk via email so you can get the payment method all set up as soon as possible.