How to Be an IsMyGuy Model

  There are many adult networks you can choose to start your career as a model or performer. However, only a few of them are solely dedicated to male models. IsMyGuy is one of the few websites where people can find exclusive male content and many social media-like features that quickly allow members to get in touch with their favorite model. It’s a bit difficult to gather the audience during your first weeks. However, that’s something you don’t need to worry about when you work with IsMyGuy. This website treats every model as a business partner, which means you have many tools to make your brand know quickly. Many newbies out there start making money right from the start. This article is intended to give you all you need to know to become an IsMyGuy model. As we mentioned, this is a website for male models, so if you’re a girl and are interested in working on this niche too, you may want to see the guide we’ve made for IsMyGuy’s sister website,  IsMyGirl . What is IsMyGuy? IsMyGuy is a new adult network that combines everything good about social media with subscription sites. Instead of just interacting with people, models can turn them into paying customers with no effort. IsMyGuy has many ways for models to start earning money, but the central premise of the website is fan clubs, a feature that’s all about paying the subscription fee so they can see all the content you have available on your profile. All members must pay the monthly fee so they can gain access to the NSFW content. All free content on the website is entirely safe for work to use for promotion purposes. However, keep in mind that gaining exposure to IsMyGuy isn’t tricky. This network works with Inked Magazine, and they’re continually promoting on social media. IsMyGuy claims to have more than 36 million members registered on the website, and that number is increased every day. What is required to become an IsMyGuy model? There is a lot of earning potential on this website, but first, you should know what you need to become a model. To get registered on IsMyGuy, you need to be of legal age (over 18). Otherwise, your application will be revoked. All adult networks require their models to have some equipment available, including: A computer and a webcam with a built-in microphone for camming. A Smartphone so you can take advantage of many social media-related features, like  premium Snapchat subscriptions . This is stuff you probably already have at home. Some webcams are excellent and affordable, so if you don’t have one, you can go to any website and pick one suitable for your budget. IsMyGuy will require you to submit a photo of you holding your ID for verification. Each application is processed manually, so you may have to wait for a few days until your request is approved. Click here to sign up for IsMyGuy now! Who can become an IsMyGuy model? Anyone over the age of 18 can become a model on this network. The website is only for male models; therefore, girls must visit  IsMyGirl  if they want to take advantage of all the features that come with this network. Both websites have practically the same features, with distinct differences. Any guy that meets the age requirement can become a model on IsMyGuy. If you reunite all the requirements, you can become a model with no effort. All you need is to submit your application with everything they ask you for. Adult entertainment is highly profitable. There are many features available on IsMyGuy that make earning money effortless! How to get started on IsMyGuy Being of legal age is the only real requirement. After your application has been approved, you can start setting up your profile so people can get to know you, and you can start gaining followers. Those followers will become paying customers in little time. IsMyGuy works similarly to a social media site, combined with many features from camming sites and subscription websites. However, IsMyGuy actually helps you with all the promo. It’s profitable for both parties because as long as you’re making money on the website, they’re earning. IsMyGuy treats its models as business partners. You’re still your boss, which means you decide how to manage your brand, and the direction you’ll take in your career. However, you’re not completely alone because the network will continuously be helping you to get to know among the audience. This is currently one of the highest paying adult networks, with models earning 80% of all the revenue generated by their content. Click here to sign up for IsMyGuy now! What can you do on IsMyGuy? Managing your IsMyGuy page is like managing your social media profile, with some great additions that make you earn money. In this section, we’re going to explain all the options you have to generate money on IsMyGuy. Fanclub Subscriptions This is the leading premise of the website. The more popular you are in the network, the more followers you’ll have; therefore, you will have more customers and earn more money. Popularity is significant on this website. Models can set the rates for the monthly subscription to their Fanclub. Your Fanclub will be full of premium content that will only be accessible to people who have paid the monthly fee. It is rebilled each month, which means people must keep paying if they want access to your content. Selling Videos This is a feature available on most subscription-based websites, so IsMyGuy isn’t really far away from them. There’s a tab on the website where all members can see the videos uploaded to the network. People have multiple options for searching for videos, like upload dates or prices. Selling Custom Content There’s a feature available on IsMyGuy called “Kustom Vids.” This feature allows people to request a personalized video, and that content is showcased on the “Kustom Vids” tab. Don’t worry. You won’t do anything you don’t want to. So you can start getting customers for this option, you must record a “teaser” video where you describe everything about your custom videos. Keep it exciting and incentive, so members start paying you for it! Premium Snapchat Premium Snapchat is one of the most popular ways people have to earn money with little effort. Many people want to have direct contact with their favorite model, so that’s why having a Premium Snapchat is recommended. To have access to the content you upload on Snapchat, your fans must pay a monthly fee. There is another page on the website dedicated to Premium Snapchat subscriptions so people can find you more comfortable. Adult Webcam Shows IsMyGuy also features camming options. The perk of performing webcam shows on IsMyGuy is that everyone watching you must have credits available on their accounts. Otherwise, they won’t even be able to see your profile! Fantom “Fantom” works like FaceTime. People can request a Fantom session from you on the website, which works exactly like a Cam2Cam show. Of course, you’ll be earning money out of it.