How much models make money? is a new premium social media network were “public figures,” and models get to post pictures and videos they don’t usually post on their traditional social media. This is an excellent way of earning money quickly and easily, especially if you have a massive flow of followers. You can post free and exclusive content in In order to have access to the premium content, members must pay a monthly or annual fee, but this is not the only way you have to earn money on this website. You can also get paid by selling Push Media, which can be bought by basically everyone that receives the message. Now, becoming an model is straightforward. You need to fill out everything they ask you for during the registration process, and then you must submit a digital copy of your ID. After your application has been approved, you will be allowed to modify your profile and start making money out of your followers. Many people that know about this brand new premium social media network wonder how much can someone earn on the site. This is a complicated question to answer, mostly because no one earns the same sum on the website. It depends on how much followers you have, meaning that the more people follow you and pay the monthly subscription, the more you will earn. What we can tell you is some of the central facts regarding how models get paid on the website so you can have an idea of how much you’ll earn by working here. Let’s begin! How much money do models earn? is one of the highest paying adult networks around the Internet. There are different percentages of revenue share applied depending on the service you provide. Take a look at the following chart: You earn 75% of the revenue generated by subscriptions. You earn 80% of the revenue generated by the sold private media. You earn 90% of the revenue generated by tips. Overall, you can say that the general rev share gives to its models is about 90%. The other 10% goes to the website’s maintenance, development, and staff salary. Keep in mind that for bank transactions, a 7% fee applies. The website’s FAQ section recommends the network only for well-known public figures. You don’t have to be the most famous influencer across the web, but you will earn more money if you have a large number of subscribers on the website. You can help your numbers increase by promoting yourself on your regular social media sites. According to statistics, 1-5% of the people who follow you on social media will subscribe to your page. Now, let’s talk about getting paid. This is important, so here you have all the facts regarding the payouts: Your account must be certified (see below). You must have a payment method attached to your account. The minimum payout is $50. Click here to sign up for MYM.Fans now! You should get your page certified as soon as possible. To get your page certified, you have to meet the following requirements: At least one person must be subscribed to your profile. At least five images or videos must be posted on your page. The contact information you provided to the website must be verified, including your phone number. Your payment method of preference must be added to your page. PayPal accounts are allowed. You must have provided a digital copy of your government-issued ID, driver’s license, or passport. There is nothing out of the normal on these requirements; pretty much any other social network will as you for something similar. However, this is straightforward due to the lack of unnecessary and complicated steps to withdraw your money. There is another fact you should know about’ payouts. Right from the moment you get certified, you can choose the frequency of your payments after you’ve reached the $50 milestone. For example, you could get paid once or twice a week, or twice or once a month. It all depends on your necessities. Fraudulent charges are pretty standard within the adult industry. This is why has implemented a system that protects users and models from these problems. There are pending and validated earnings, meaning that some of the money you earn will be retained for fifteen days until you’re able to use it. The mentioned period only applies to subscriptions, tips, and push private media’s earnings will be validated after seven days. Click here to sign up for MYM.Fans now! Services you can provide on There are many services you can provide on By doing what’s listed in this section, you will have a stable source of income each month. Let’s see: Public media People will have access to your public media regardless if they’ve paid the subscription fee or not. Public content won’t make you earn any money, but will serve for promotional purposes. Nudity is not allowed outside the paywall, but you can tease your followers by posting censured pictures once in a while. The public wall may seem pointless, but it’s actually necessary for you to earn more subscribers. Private media People have access to the private media you’ve posted if they have paid the subscription fee. There is no limit for your posts, and you can also take personalized requests from your customers (both parties must agree on the price and terms). You are not obligated in any way to accept requests, but after you’ve accepted, the requested content must be sent to the client within 72 hours. Another thing you should have in mind is that the staff continually monitors the website so they can keep the website fun and safe for everyone. This means the content you try to post must be approved by a moderator first. This process only takes 24 hours; after that, the content will appear on your feed. All media (even if it’s public) has to go through this process. Push media Push media is like typical PPV content. These pieces are sold separately from your subscription content, and it’s a great way of earning money in You can send a message to your active subs in order to inform them you have new content available for purchase. They can decide whether to buy it or not, but they will most likely complete the purchase. is an excellent option for you to earn money with little effort Taking advantage of’ features in order to earn money is easy. In case you need help or have any doubts related to the website’s functioning, you can contact’ support team, and they will have your doubts cleared as soon as possible. While it’s not possible to tell you how much you will earn on this website, you can trust you will have a stable source of income after you register and gain a stable flow of followers. Remember that the more subscribers you have, the more money you’ll earn in the long run! Anyone can become an model if they are of legal age. Regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, you can become a model after completing the registration process.