How Much Friskchat Models Make Money?

Frisk is a new website, and it’s currently trending because of the high revenue share they have available. In fact, even if they’re new, they’re giving their models 80% of the revenue share, one of the highest percentages among adult networks. So well, Frisk models do earn good money, but it’s a bit difficult to tell you how much exactly they earn because all models work differently. Frisk makes it easier for you to earn money. One thing we can tell you is that followers or fans are everything on Frisk. With many followers, you have more opportunities to turn them into paying customers, which is basically the website’s point. So, in summary, it’s impossible to tell you how much you’ll earn when you start being a Frisk Model. Some quick facts we can tell you are: You can set the prices for your content, but keep them at a reasonable price. It’s not impossible to find success in Frisk. In fact, many models are willing to help newbies so they can have a broad start as well. If you’re outside the UK, it’s recommended to get in touch with the Frisk team so you can set up a payment method as soon as possible. There is no minimum payout. To have an idea of how much you can earn on the website, you must learn about its key features. Read on so you can have a better idea of how much you will earn after you become a Frisk model. Subscription Calculator Use our handy calculator to figure out how much you can make with a premium social media account. Insert the number of followers you have and how much you want to charge per month. Note these are rough estimates and your potential could be less or much, much more. How many social media followers do you have?* How much do you want to charge per month?* You have the potential to make and up to Not everyone is a paying customer This sub-title is something you should have in mind. Yes, there are many people registered on the website as customers, but that doesn’t mean they will pay for your content upfront. Actually, people will have access to the Free Wall first. This is why you must make it look as appealing as possible so you can convince them of paying the subscription fee. Before introducing you to the Free and Subscription Walls concept, you should learn about the type of users you will encounter on the website. Let’s see: Free Followers : This is the people with no payment information attached to their accounts. They will have access to the content uploaded in your Free Wall, and they may receive PPV notifications if you want. Non-subscribers : This is the people who follow you, have payment information attached to their accounts, but are not subscribed to your page. They will receive any PPV messages you send. Subscribers : This is the people who follow you and pay the subscription fee monthly. They will have access to all your content, but they’ll still have to pay for the PPV content you put for sale. Sign up for by clicking here now! Frisk’s Key Features Now that you know about Frisk’s customers, it’s time for you to learn how the website works. As we’ve said, Frisk has many features that are similar to the ones you’re used to seeing in regular social media sites, but these are not the only ones you’ll be able to use on the website. First, let’s tell you about the Free Wall and the Subscription Wall, the main areas of Frisk. The Free Wall This is the main page, and that means only safe for work content is allowed. All the content published on the Free Wall is available for free, so you should choose what you want to post here carefully. If you want to tease your followers a bit, you can choose to upload censored NSFW photos. You should also know that topless pictures are allowed everywhere, with the profile picture and header being the exception. If nudity was posted on the Free Wall, what kind of content would you sell? The Subscription Wall When you come to Frisk as a customer, you probably know the website’s point. Whenever a customer becomes interested in a model, they will probably be willing to pay to see their premium content. In order to have access to the exclusive pics and videos, they will have to pay the monthly subscription fee. The Subscription Wall and the Free Wall are the website’s areas you will have to pay attention to the most. Thanks to them, you know how much people interact with you and who is a regular customer. However, you can also earn money by taking advantage of other features. Let’s see: PPV Store People can pay for your PPV content even if they aren’t subscribed to your page. Many people are unwilling to pay for the subscription fee, but they may be interested in purchasing a PPV picture or video once in a while. All the content of this kind you upload will be available on the PPV Store. You can send a message to your followers to let them know you have new content available on your PPV Store. Paid Chat Yes, you can also earn money by talking to your customers. You may be thinking this is crazy, but people are actually very interested in interacting directly with the model. You get to choose how much you’ll charge per message. Sign up for by clicking here now! Stories Stories are now everywhere, and Frisk is not the exception. They work pretty much as they would in sites or apps like Snapchat. Creators are allowed to upload pictures and videos, and people on the website will have access to them, even if they don’t follow you. It’s one of the many features Frisk has for you to promote your page and get you known among the audience. When you upload content to Frisk, you will be in charge of setting up the prices. This applies to everything, but do keep in mind that the website will take 20% of your earnings. Despite that, you’ll still earn a high amount of money if you have a broad audience. After a while, you can get Personalized Promotional Visuals. In order to qualify for a personalized promotional visual, you must have fifty pictures or videos uploaded to your Frisk page. You must then get in touch with with your information (profile name, username plus three portrait pictures safe for work). Personalized visuals are some of the many ways you have to become outstanding among the rest. It’s also possible to have an exclusive promotional if Frisk is the only network you’re working with. By doing this, you will also get an “exclusive tag” on your page! Frisk has one of the best support teams you could ever ask for. If you have any more doubts about the website or its functioning, you can easily have all your questions answered by reaching the  Frisk Academy . This is the site where you can learn how to use all the key features of the website. The support team is available most of the time, which means you will quickly get support after you’ve made your request. Promotion is heavily encouraged in Frisk. There are many ways for you to promote your profile, and Frisk allows you to use as many promotional tools as you can. When you earn money, they earn too. Another thing you should keep in mind is that promotional posts are limited. You can only make up to five days; otherwise, they will be considered spam.