How much FanCentro models make

FanCentro is a website where influencers can earn more money through their followers by providing them access to their private social media exchange for a subscription fee. In the past, FanCentro was known as SnapCentro, and its main feature was selling premium Snapchat subscriptions. The website evolved, and now there are more features models can take advantage of, including fan clubs. FanCentro’s main duty is to help influencers survive by selling the content they’re used to produce. The website was designed thinking of how the models can enhance their fans’ experience while they earn money simultaneously. However, things change, and after Snapchat and other social media sites began erasing adult content massively, it was just a matter of time until SnapCentro went through a re-brand. Through this article, we’ll explore FanCentro’s functions, so you can have an overall idea of how much you’ll make on the website. How does FanCentro work? So, this website allows you to monetize further the followers you already have in your standard social media accounts. When you register on the website, you will have access to your profile, where you must enter all kinds of information about yourself. This includes a small bio, some info about your physical appearance. This is where you modify your subscription fees, too. So, thanks to this website, you can manage your premium Snapchat subscriptions. The system used allows you to receive constant updates of your subscribers’ status (so you can add new members and remove people who failed to renew their subscription), as well as statistics and progress. In FanCentro, you can also gain more significant exposure thanks to the directory. The company works with social media marketing, so you can trust you’ll have several tools for marketing available. FanCentro Payment Information The amount you’ll earn varies, depending on how many subscribers you have. For instance, a model can earn $100 a month while a different performer can earn $1,000 a day. There are no limits on how much you get paid, but you should know you’ll receive 75 percent of the revenue generated in your profile. The company keeps the rest, and other fees are inexistent. There are many payment methods available, and you receive payments once per week on your preferred payment method. These include ACH, Paxum, and Wire. FirstChoicePay and SEPA are available too for international models. More Information Regarding Payments Whenever a regular member completes the registration process, they will have access to the website, but not for any model’s feed. For that, they must pay for the subscription fee, which is different for each model. The usual rate for a subscription is $25, but it’s possible to pay $100, so you can have lifetime access to the premium content. FanCentro offers a 24-hour free trial for people who want to see the model’s content and decide whether it is a good idea to pay for it or not. This isn’t available for everyone, though. They must provide billing information, including debit or credit card details, in order to have access to this feature. After the trial is over, they must confirm if they want to keep having access to your content. If they do, they will be charged the subscription fee automatically. Also, you need to know that refunds are not possible. This is found on the website’s terms and conditions. Click here to sign up for FanCentro now! Do you want to earn more money? Use CentroProfits, FanCentro’s Affiliate Program CentroProfits is FanCentro and ModelCentro (another website powered by the same network). If you choose to do this, you will receive 25% of the influencer’s revenue, but only those sales they actually drive. Services you can provide on FanCentro We already told you some of the services you can provide on this website in order to earn money, but here’s the full list of everything you can do to maximize your earnings. Sell Social Media Subscriptions Social Media subscriptions are the main feature of FanCentro. You can sell Instagram or Snapchat access, for example, and the platform gives you multiple tools so you can manage your subscribers. For example, if someone failed to pay their monthly subscription, you will immediately receive an email so you can remove them from the list of followers. This same rule is executed when a new member subscribes to your profile. Fanclubs Fanclubs are a new feature of FanCentro. This is a hugely popular aspect of websites of this kind in the latest years, and they have a lot of earning potential. Fanclubs in FanCentro work exactly as if you had an OnlyFans or AVN Stars page. The content you post here will be locked until the member pays for the subscription fee. They must keep renewing their subscription each month if they want to keep having access to your content. The fan club feature was made available in July of 2020. This is because Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media sites are constantly banning adult content, forcing models to seek other ways of selling their productions. All the content you upload to your fan club will be posted on your feed. It can be either text or multimedia, but all the posts will be locked until the person pays the monthly subscription. Members must keep paying continually if they want to keep having access to the exclusive content you post here, similarly to what you were used to doing with your social media accounts. Selling Clips Besides what’s been mentioned, you can also upload videos and set the price for them. There is a “Clips” tab where you can see all the videos that models upload to the website. You just need to upload the video, and FanCentro’s platform will take care of it. When a member gains access to an individual clip, they will be able to leave comments and see related videos. All the mentioned features keep you in touch with your fans, so you can know whether they like the content you’re posting. In some instances, you may get custom requests, and people are willing to pay a good amount for them! What kind of social media can you link to FanCentro? When you create a FanCentro profile, you will set up your profile. There, besides the bio and other types of information, you will be able to post links to your social media. You can attach different social media accounts, including the following: Snapchat profiles, either public or private. YouTube channels. Twitter accounts. PornHub profiles (if you’re a porn star or adult-oriented model) Instagram accounts. Once you’ve been notified of a new subscriber, you must give them full access to your social media. If they fail to pay the subscription fee, you will be notified as well, so you can remove them from having access. Conclusion As you can see, there are several factors that affect your earning potential in FanCentro. The main aspect that affects your earnings is how much subscribers you have. This is why it is so recommended to have a large number of followers in your regular social media, especially because the rate of conversion is usually high. If you’re ready to become a FanCentro model, click here to begin the registration process.