Finally, a fair alternative

If you have been paying attention to the internet you might have noticed thousands of anonymously posted memes on various comedy sites that are very pro-onlyfans despite the constant down time, 20% effective fee, and seemingly endless and unexplained transaction holds. In the actual onlyfans community its not all friendly memes and jokes. Real content providers on the platform are sick and tired, and they are looking for greener pastures. This seems to coincide with a  massive drop in subscriptions and loss of business for onlyfan s. Why is this happening? I’m not entirely sure, but I know that there is one possible explanation. There is a new competitor to onlyfans that is gaining momentum, and its called  lavacoach . This new company has quickly picked up the slack where onlyfans has dropped it. The interface is designed to be similar to onlyfans to make the transition easier and the platform features a measly 5% transaction fee and what's even better, is that Lava Coach is a certified stripe partner. Established users can get instant payouts and in other cases people may get daily payouts without any kind of site-related hold, transaction limit, or other financial non-sense. If you’re looking for something with more of a soul than the company onlyfans, I highly recommend trying  F