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Best Clubhouse Alternatives For Android (While It Remains Only On iOS) Clubhouse isn't available on Android devices just yet, but there are plenty of similar apps available to choose from. Here are some of the best. The  Clubhouse  app is currently only available on iOS devices. Clubhouse developers have previously confirmed their intention to  bring the app to Android devices , although it still isn’t clear just when that’s going to happen. Fortunately, while Android users are waiting for the Clubhouse app to arrive, there are plenty of alternatives that they can download from the Google Play Store. Anyone wanting to join Clubhouse does need to be invited by someone already using the app.  Invites aren’t unlimited , either. Instead, users are allowed to send out invites based on their own activity. So, the more active someone is on the app, the more invites they receive and can give to others. Once invited to the app, users can then take part in voice chats in public rooms. Recently, security concerns arose when a user was able to  stream multiple conversations  to a third-party app. RELATED: Dispo Is An Invite-Only Like Clubhouse, But For Photos For Android users seeking a Clubhouse alternative,  Spoon  is an option worth considering. The Spoon app allows people to search for and join trending conversations about a variety of topics, such as games or music. Chats happen live and anyone is free to join one of the public voice chats. There are also some additional voice chat options, including talk, cast, and live. A difference between Spoon and Clubhouse that's interesting is users have the option to accept monetary donations for their livestream efforts. Other Clubhouse Alternatives For Android Discord  is another great option. Similar to Clubhouse, Discord users have the ability to create individual voice chat channels for whatever topic they want to discuss. These channels can also be private, resulting in the same exclusivity factor that has helped draw people to Clubhouse in the first place. However, Discord also offers a chatroom option. So while Android users are waiting for their Clubhouse invite,  Discord offers the best of both worlds , with voice chats and a privacy option. Another good alternative is the  Riffr  app. Like Clubhouse, Riffr is centered around audio. Users can post “ riffs ” (audio conversations) and others can respond with their own. The app also comes with a search feature, making it easy to find topics that a user is interested in, similar to Clubhouse. However, unlike Clubhouse voice chats, Riffs aren’t in real time. For any user that's not specifically interested in the live aspect of Clubhouse, but an audio app, this is a good contender. While it can be frustrating to wait for access to the Clubhouse app, users do have other options available. The fact that Clubhouse  recently passed 8 million users  might be a good sign that Android users won’t have to wait much longer, as it is likely that Clubhouse developers will be looking to capitalize on that growth. After all, there's few ways better than growing an app's audience then by making it available on Android.