Bst alternatives to OnlyFans for selling private content FansMine and OnlyFans has quickly grown into an incredibly famous platform. It is easy to use: One person offers private content for money. Of course, much of the content offered on the platform is sexual in nature, although not all of it has to be erotic content on OnlyFans. Despite its fame, OnlyFans isn’t the only platform with these characteristics. Due to the recent changes in monetary policy, not all users are happy with OnlyFans. We’ll show you five more alternatives to OnlyFans that you can use to sell private content and make money: -FansMine: 90% revenue to creators, no restrictions and many features like OnlyFans, it is perfect alternative for -IsMyGirl:  This platform offers the possibility of founding a fan club similar to OnlyFans. In addition to monthly subscriptions, people using this platform can make money by selling videos one-time, through private messaging, selling Snapchat subscriptions, and through live video broadcasts. IsMyGirl keeps 30% of the money received compared to the 20% withheld by OnlyFans, although it is much more focused on adult entertainment, making it a good option for those who sell specialty content. -Manyvids:  Manyvids is a platform for selling self-produced pornography. But there are several fan club options like MV Crush. This premium subscription service allows fans of a model to subscribe to and receive content specially created for them. MV Crush pays 80% of the proceeds to the developers, making it a very profitable option. -Justfor fans:  This platform is most similar to one of the OnlyFans, so users will be in a familiar territory as it offers the same sales and subscription options. Justforfans offers the same commissions as OnlyFans, ie 20%. All genders have a place in content sales compared to sites like IsMyGirl, which only accept content creators. It’s one of the newer platforms of this type, so it’s expected to see improvements in the coming months. -Membershyp:  Memebershyp is a little different from other platforms in that it doesn’t allow for direct uploading of content. Instead, this page allows you to sell subscriptions to other social networks such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and Kik and manage those subscriptions through the page. Membershyp users can keep 90% of the money received, which makes this alternative one of the best-paying ones. Note that while these subscriptions are targeted at sexual content, Snapchat and Instagram prohibit any type of public sexual content, so interactions are limited to private messages. -IWantFanClub:  This site has all of the features of OnlyFans but is entirely geared towards the adult entertainment industry. The commissions, with which the service remains, amount to 28% of the income and are thus slightly higher than those of OnlyFans. IWantFanClub specializes in fetishes, which is why more traditional sexual content is not as successful on this platform.